26 January, 2023

Salvadoran-born astronaut Frank Rubio, performs the second walk on the International Space Station, installing a solar panel

The installation of the deployable solar panel lasted just over seven hours..

Voice of Diaspora

World – Frank Rubio participates in the installation of a deployable solar panel that will improve power generation on the starboard structure of the NASA International Space Station, with astronaut Josh Cassada.

The deployable solar panel that is being installed by the Salvadoran along with Cassada will serve to improve power generation in the starboard structure of the International Space Station of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

The installation of the deployable solar panel is estimated to take seven hours.

Rubio's first spacewalk was completed last year. 15 of November, where they managed to complete most of the assembly objectives of a mounting bracket on the exterior of the space station, which will serve for the installation of the Launch Solar Panels of the International Space Station.

Frank Rubio has been on the International Space Station since last September of 2022, thus becoming the first astronaut of Salvadoran descent who has managed to reach outer space.