Walter Mercado dies in Puerto Rico

Photo: Walter Mercado TV.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Astrologer Walter Mercado, known on television for his singular frace “much, lots of love”, He died Saturday night at a hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to the 87 years.

According to spokesmen for the family they confirmed the news, Mercado died of kidney failure.

"Unfortunately, in this morning I received a call from one of his nieces, Ivonne. So far death is presumed to be due to apparent kidney failure.. He died accompanied by the family, he died calm. The family asked for space ”, wrote the astrologer's relative.

Mercado suffered from health problems for months. At the beginning of this year, suffered a fall at his home in Puerto Rico that caused a fracture in his back.

Since the end of October there was talk that Mercado had been admitted to the hospital, but he was stable. further, it was speculated that he had heart problems and that 2012 I would have had a heart attack.

In August, Mercado traveled to Miami to receive a recognition called “Mucho, lots of love: 50 years of Walter Mercado ”, In this event, a sample was also organized with part of the outfits he wore as an astrologer during his presentations..

Before being an astrologer he was an actor and writer. In 2010, as a result of a legal battle he lost the rights to exploit his own name and was renamed Shanti Ananda.

Market is remembered for its image, wearing colorful capes and glitzy jewelry, in addition to his way of giving horoscopes.