11 August, 2022

The cyber blackout cost a few 6 billion dollars to Zuckerberg

By María T Morales

At least the 60% of the world's population was affected by a cyber attack that left users of Facebook social networks disconnected, Instagram and WhatsApp, without, so far there is an official version of what happened.

It is, already rated by experts as the worst of the attacks suffered in recent times against the social networks owned by Mark Zuckerberg.

The hashtag #FacebookDown went viral as of this morning, mainly in the United States, Mexico, Españaa, Brazil, United Kingdom, Guatemala, Belice, France and Kuwait.

Millions of users wondered what was happening with social networks, and many chose to turn off and on their devices, in order to update applications, but nothing worked, until around 3:00 PM.
With six hours of total blackout, the creator of Facebook would have lost a few 6 billion, according to cyber experts.