US initiates rapid deportation of Central Americans

photo VD: Milagro Orellana.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Dozens of families from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador have been sent to their home countries on three rapid deportation flights since Friday 30 of July, said Manuel Padilla, Chief of the United States Border Patrol Operations Directorate.

The official explained in a telephone press conference that the deportees are people who do not have a legal basis to remain in the United States or who do not meet the requirements to be beneficiaries of a probable political asylum in that country..

Padilla argued that deportations are processes "ordered, safe and humane ”in accordance with the provisions of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), but that people who do not have a basis in the law will follow processes and that in the cases of repeat offenders who were previously deported they will be tried.

“Any single adult who is apprehended along the southwestern border who has previously been apprehended and under Title 8 will be referred to a prosecution ", Padilla said when alluding that the intention is to discourage migrations.

According to US media, the accelerated spread of the delta variant of the virus that generates the COVID-19 pandemic, Affected Texas and the entire length of the border with Mexico intensified since last week the pressure towards the Joe Biden government in the effort to enforce the law.

Padilla did not specify the number of people deported to each Central American country by fast track or those who are returned to Mexico "under title 42".

He explained that "we are finding, families not applying for asylum, those people are still prosecuted under Title 8 and they are the ones who are returning under that quick deportation program. "

The number of migrants detained this year is more than 300,000 and that contrasts with the more than 90,000 who were detained in 2020, Padilla said.

The Washington Post recently published that “the Biden administration has refused to use the Title 42 to return unaccompanied minors, that have arrived in record numbers this year. The percentage of families that are sent to Mexico each month has steadily decreased in recent months, but Biden officials continue to use the authority to expel most single adult migrants. "

While immigrant rights advocates say expulsions through Title 42 denied the right to seek asylum in the United States.

El Salvador media reporters, Guatemala and Honduras asked exact figures of deportations and cited official data in each country, but Padilla evaded and did not give the figures required of him.

Christian Morrison of Radio Honduras asked if the human rights of those deported to their countries of origin were respected and assured that he had seen a mother in handcuffs when she began her deportation to which Padilla said that “something that is constant for us is respecting the human rights ”and that everyone is treated in a dignified manner.

Regarding the case of handcuffed people or some who are even deported with their children, the answer was given by the Deputy Attaché of the United States Immigration and Customs Control Service in Guatemala, Lupita serna: “Family units that are vulnerable, in our process, they are not handcuffed ", But if he needed an extension, he would do it through the United States embassy in Honduras..