The US commemorates the end of slavery with a holiday ago 156 years

By Alberto Barrera

Luego de que el Congreso apoyara por abrumadora mayoría un proyecto de ley que luego firmó el presidente Joe Biden es legislación vigente y los empleados federales tendrán feriado todos los 19 of June, but because this year is Saturday "the Juneteenth" the commemoration was brought forward one day.

The reason is because the 19 June 1865 the end of slavery was known in Texas, two and a half years after President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in September 1862.

"All slaves are free", said Major General Gordon Granger in Galveston, Texas does 156 years. Rich Southerners had bypassed Lincoln's proclamation and some slaves were freed with the arrival of Union troops., but many of them were retained even after Granger's order.

“Making Juneteenth a Federal Holiday, all Americans can feel the power of this day and learn from our history ", Biden said after signing the decree that with little resistance was approved by Congress.

The approval in the House of Representatives was 415 votes in favor against only 14 against. Before the bill passed swiftly through the Senate and signed on Thursday by President Biden who said that “I hope this is the beginning of a change in the way we treat each other”.

The United States has a tumultuous history of racism that in May 2020 lit the fuse of protests with the murder of George Floyd, un hombre afroamericano de 46 years in Minneapolis by police who had him controlled by force and one of them, White, he put the knee that caused his death.

Senator Edward J. Markey, Massachusetts Democrat, aseguró que otorgar el feriado no cambia la historia de retrasos en la libertad de los afroamericanos, after the end of the civil war and that does not “correct the mistakes of the past in our nation, but finally it gives recognition and a voice to those who suffered ", said quoted by the Washington Post.

The effort is considered by its promoters to be successful in their attempts to acknowledge the atrocities of slavery., but it is also a long historical burden of racism that still remains.

Republican Senator from Texas, John Cornyn, had an outstanding participation in obtaining the support of his party so that the law was approved. “I think there is no better time than the present, particularly given the fighting we've seen ", Cornyn said.

Despite bipartisan support, many acknowledge that there is still a long way to go to alleviate or guarantee access to voting restricted by Republican-led state laws.. Federal police reforms are also promoted to reduce the brutality of law enforcement agencies against minorities., held the Post.