EE.UU. no response to wave of mass shootings

By Maria T. Morales

Only so far this year, a total of 147 mass shootings have occurred across the nation, and as a result, gun violence has left more than 4 thousand 500 deaths, according to the non-profit organization Armed Violence Archive, GVA for its acronym in English.

While in the state of Texas, the lower house seeks to pass a law that would allow carrying weapons without permission, no training and no license, blood runs in the country after the avalanche of shootings that occurred throughout the nation.

The last, occurred in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, perpetrated by Brandon Scott Hole, of 19 years, left the balance of 8 dead and, at least, five wounded. The subject, who was a former employee of the FedEx parcel delivery company, authorities say, he committed suicide after perpetrating the attack.

At the moment little or nothing is known about the motivations that Hole had to carry out the attack., which, according to witnesses, He started it in the company parking lot and then entered the building where there were at least a few 100 employees.

Through a statement the company said "safety is our main priority and our thoughts are with all those affected".

Joe Biden, President of the United States, recently rated, like an epidemic, the outbreak of gun violence and deaths.

But nevertheless, the government has not yet come up with concrete solutions to the wave of shootings that, no brake, are recorded across the nation.

The topic, complex in itself because it is a right protected in the Constitution, also carries the political tint, since the National Rifle Association, one of the main donors of politicians, has the power to stop any proposal that entails tightening the mechanisms to buy weapons.

While, Margaret Huang, Executive Director of Amnesty International United States expressed: "The United States government is prioritizing the possession of firearms over basic rights".

He added that "despite the large number of firearms in circulation , and the huge number of people who are shot dead every year, Federal regulations that could save thousands of lives are conspicuous by their absence ".