6 October, 2022

EE.UU. COVID-19 infections continue to rise

The flu and COVID-19 although they are caused by different viruses, are contagious respiratory diseases, so the CDC urges the population to get vaccinated due to the flu season.

By Maria T. Morales

The week just ending left the United States with a million 36 thousand 350 new cases of COVID-19.

This digit, According to the Center for the Prevention of Infectious Diseases (CDC), means around 155 thousand 709 new cases of infections nationwide registered only in the last week.

Illinois, Texas, California and Georgia, as well as Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio lead the way in contagion.

Although this new hello of sprouts has put on alert to local authorities of those states, Joe Biden, president-elect of the United States, does not consider another closure of the economy.

A group of 12 Specialists have been working since the election of Biden on a plan that will lead to curbing the pandemic, and promote the search for a vaccine that, would be applied, In the beginning, health workers, people with pre-established diseases and older adults.

The CDC also urges the population to get vaccinated against the flu, today more than ever, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The country reached, until this weekend the amount of 10 millions 846 thousand 373 cases of coronavirus infections, since the pandemic began the 21 January this year.