30 November, 2022

EE.UU. conditions aid to El Salvador for fiscal year 2023

Among other items, the newspaper Diario El Mundo, highlights that there are several requirements that the government of El Salvador must meet to receive economic aid from the United States.

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

U.S – According to a publication in the Salvadoran newspaper, El Mundo newspaper, the United States House Appropriations Committee approved the proposed budget for the fiscal year 2023 in which it conditions the disbursement of more than half of the funds allocated to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Among other items, the newspaper highlights that there are several requirements that the government of El Salvador must meet to receive economic aid from the United States.

But nevertheless, the 60 percent of the funds can only be disbursed after the secretary of state certifies and informs the congressional appropriations committees that the government of El Salvador is:

  1. Fighting corruption and impunity, including investigation and prosecution of government officials, allegedly corrupt military and police personnel.
  2. Implementing reforms, policies and programs to strengthen the rule of law, including increasing the transparency of public institutions, strengthening the independence of judicial and electoral institutions, and the improvement of transparency in the financing of political campaigns and political parties.
  3. Protecting the rights of human rights defenders, unionists, journalists, civil society groups, political parties and media independence.
  4. Providing effective and responsible security and law enforcement for its citizens, reduce the role of the military in public security and uphold due process of law.
  5. Effectively implementing programs to reduce violence against women and girls.
  6. Implementing policies to reduce poverty and promote equitable economic growth and opportunity, including the implementation of reforms to strengthen education systems, vocational training programs and at-risk youth programs.
  7. Improve border security and combat smuggling and human trafficking and counteract the activities of criminal gangs, drug traffickers and transnational criminal organizations.
  8. Informing its citizens of the dangers of travel to the southern border of the United States.
  9. Implementing policies that improve the foreign investment climate, including the implementation of tax reform in a transparent manner, ensuring effective legal mechanisms for the reimbursement of taxes owed to United States companies and resolving disputes related to the confiscation of real property of United States entities.

further, if the United States Secretary of State is not authorized to certify for one or more of the central governments, such assistance will be reprogrammed to assistance for civil society organizations in each country or others in Latin America and the Caribbean.

But nevertheless, These conditions will not apply to funds allocated to government entities or activities that the Secretary of State or the USAID administrator determines to be a commitment to combat corruption and impunity., for programs to combat gender violence, for programs that promote or protect human rights, including indigenous and Afro-descendant communities, for humanitarian assistance and for food security programs.

According to information published in the Salvadoran newspaper by journalist Yolanda Magaña.