Unstoppable border drama despite the end of "Third Safe Country"

By Maria T. Morales

The disputed agreement called "Safe Third Country" signed by former President Donald Trump in July 2019, with the rulers of Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador came to an end, not so the drama of thousands of people who seek, either way, arrive in the United States.

With this agreement, the countries in question would receive deportees from the United States while an asylum process is being processed in the United States.

Only Guatemala and Mexico have completed the cooperation program and so far, There are still thousands who wait for an answer clinging to crossing the southern border.

Antony Blink, Secretary of state, announced the measure, after reporting, officially, the end of the agreement, to the authorities of the countries concerned.

The official said that these will be “concrete steps towards greater collaboration and partnership with the region..

The agreement was harshly questioned by human rights activists, why, paradoxically, the deportees, mostly came from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

This weekend, while the end of the agreement was announced, dozens of immigrants were returned to Mexico while some 200 were released by border authorities in the city of McAllen, Texas, according to local press reports.