Two Latinos continue as deputies in the Parliament of Canada

Oscar Vigil

Toronto, Glen. Canada's Hispanic / Latino community will continue to have two representatives in the Federal Parliament after this week's elections, since Pablo Rodríguez won reelection in the province of Quebec and Julie Dzerowicz did the same in the province of Ontario.

They are both quite familiar faces. Pablo Rodríguez is of Argentine origin, he came to Canada as a refugee at a very young age fleeing the political violence of the years 70, and he has had a meteoric political career that has led him to serve as Minister of Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism until the time of Parliament's dissolution and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's call for elections last month.

Rodriguez, who has worked closely with Latino communities nationwide and particularly in Toronto, won re-election in Honore-Mercier constituency, in the province of Quebec, when getting the 58.75% of votes, in an election in which he started as a favorite and won practically without setbacks.

Jacques Binette, del Bloc Quebecoise, was in a distant second place with the 19.8% of electoral preferences; Guy Croteau, of the Conservative Party, ranked third with the 9.65; y Chu Anh, del NDP, ranked fourth with the 8.1%.

In the province of Ontario, and specifically in Toronto, The Canadian daughter of a Ukrainian father and a Mexican mother Julie Dzerowicz was re-elected in the Davenport constituency with the 43.6% of votes. This was one of the most contested electoral districts in the country, given that Dzerowicz faced Andrew Cash, of the socialist NDP, whom she had defeated in the elections of the 2015.

In the end Cash got the 40.8% Preferences, losing representation for 1472 difference votes. In third place, Sanjay Bhatia remained, of the Conservative Party, with the 9.6% Preferences.

In the York Center constituency, in Toronto, The Canadian of Hispanic origin Andrea Vásquez participated as a candidate, who in the provincial elections also competed without success in the same electoral district, always by the NDP. Vasquez, who is of Colombian origin, just got the 9.8% of the votes against the 50.3% accomplished by the current MP, Michael Levitt, a politician who during the four years of his past administration had been very close to the city's Latino community. The second place in this electoral district in which the population of Latino origin is large, it was arranged by Rachel Wilson, of the Conservative Party, with the 36.6% Preferences.

Another Canadian of Latin American origin also participated in the federal elections this week.: William Morales, originally from Colombia, who came to Canada in the year 2004 and that he had recently been participating in Canadian political life as a City Councilor for Drummondville, Quebec.

But Morales was involved in a strong controversy having been linked to two criminals of Colombian origin who were convicted., in separate cases, for drug trafficking. This was a scandal widely spread in the French language press of the province of Quebec.

In the end, William Morales, who participated as a candidate of the Liberal Party for the electoral district of Drummond, only managed to obtain the 17.5% of votes, insufficient percentage to defeat Martin Champoux, del Bloc Quebecoise, who won the nomination with the 44.6% of votes. Third place was in the hands of Jessica Elbacher, of the Conservative Party, with the 16.7% Preferences.

This week's federal elections were won by the Liberal Party led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a president who has stood out for the implementation of various progressive policies that have set him apart from other leaders in the world. The country's immigration and refuge system has improved, has brought thousands of refugees from different parts of the world, has implemented a tax on the emission of polluting gases, has improved social protection and reduced poverty, as well as has legalized marijuana, between many other things.