Trump pay $2,000,000 a fine for using his foundation for political purposes

This is the third time in a week, that Trump has been involved in court cases. Photo: Twitter Donald Trump.
Kriscia Recinos

U.S. Donald Trump, which it is not in his best political moment, in a process of “impeachment” He was punished with a fine of $2,000,000 to use its foundation for political purposes and business.

New York Judge, Saliann Scarpulla, ordered President Trump to pay the fine for charity work and also ruled that his children Ivanka and Donald J. they pay $1.7 million to charities.

As determined by the judge, Trump's sons “they orchestrated” a benefit dinner for the family foundation headquarters in Iowa, at an event that was televised, in order to invest the money collected in the electoral campaign 2016.

The Public Ministry accused the Trump Foundation of "persistent illegal conduct". After the indictment, the president agreed to close the foundation in december; but nevertheless, the lawsuit ran its course, in search of compensation.

The president and three of his children reached a friendly agreement, according to court documents released by the US Attorney.

The decision, according to the attorney general, It is "a great victory in our efforts to protect charitable assets and hold accountable those who abuse charitable foundations for personal gain".

Meanwhile, Trump said that the Prosecutor's Office "voluntarily denatures this agreement, for political purposes. I am the only person that I know, perhaps the only person in the world who can give a lot of money to charity ".

This becomes the third court case involving President Donald Trump so far this week.