News director responds to allegations of sexual harassment

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

In a document shared on social networks, Roberto Hugo Preza, director of the news of the group Megavisión, responded to reports of journalists mark him as responsible for sexual harassment.

The letter also circulates in chats of journalists in El Salvador, Preza states that publications and research initiated by this news organization are part of “a conspiracy that is based on slurs”.

In the document, which it was released unsigned, Preza also appreciates the support of “officials, MPs, mayors, businessmen, journalists, merchants, police, military… and many Salvadorans”.

The Megavisión Group, Preza company that is news director, said Tuesday night that as “mutual agreement” They had taken the decision to separate “temporarily” a journalist from their labors, while research is conducted.

Publications and research conducted by Voice of Diaspora, They revealed a series of allegations of sexual harassment of journalists who worked on the canals 21 Y 19, the company.

The two journalists who conducted the investigation and some members of the Journalists Association of Salvadoran Diaspora received attacks on their social networking accounts, after publication.

Then the letter attributed to the journalist: