11 August, 2022

Italian candidate announces the creation of a foundation for immigrants in Milan

People who were present at the Coeur In Man event, in Milan, Italy. photo VD: Rosy Figueroa.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Milan, Italy – Diego Bracchetti, candidate for city council 6, dedicated an event to citizens and this was the message “I sincerely thank everyone present at the aperitif with an evening dedicated to confrontation and dialogue. I also thank everyone for the great enthusiasm they have shown for the project “HEART IN MAN”.

This is how the Italian citizen Diego Bracchetti who after a tour of 15 years of friendship with Rosy Figueroa, journalist and active member of many Latin American communities, they asked themselves the great question of why not make a project in these elections that remains for the future?, and that's how the plan was born. It is a foundation that will benefit the immigrants of the city council 6 and will try to help in its integration into the Italian system.

Through an association to which Diego already belonged, spaces have been created for regular immigrants living in Milan, to achieve integration in the true sense of the word, For example, Italian teachers are already available who have made themselves available to take an Italian course to help them communicate better.. In addition, Civic Education classes have been included, since the project seeks that immigrants have the same rights and duties. “Together, we are ready to build our Milan”. Brachetti reiterated.

Several compatriots who work in various sectors and who are dedicated to collaborating with different Salvadoran communities were present at the activity..

VD Edition: Rosy Figueroa.