10 August, 2022

The Salvadoran diaspora in Milan celebrated the bicentennial of Independence

Bicentennial celebration in Milan, Italy. photo VD: Rosy Figueroa.
By Rosy Figueroa

Italy – The largest diaspora in Europe gathered this Sunday at the act of independence organized by the House of Salvadoran Culture in Milan, where the national anthem of Italy and El Salvador was sung as well as the prayer to the Salvadoran flag in Spanish and Nahuatl by the Salvadoran journalist Engelberto Maldonado who in turn gave a brief historical account of El Salvador.

Professor Giovanni Pianosi, receives recognition for his contribution by teaching Italian classes. photo VD: Rosy Figueroa.

The words of welcome were given by the director of the House of Salvadoran Culture in Milan, Silvia Tobal, Taking advantage of the occasion of the celebration, he gave different recognitions for the support and work to Professor Giovanni Pianosi for the Italian classes and Mrs.. Margherita Brescioni for her donation of machinery to carry out tailoring courses at the headquarters of the house of culture.

Ms. Margherita Brescioni, received recognition for contributing with a donation for the realization of tailoring courses. photo VD: Carlos Renderos.

Likewise, the cultural touch was provided by the different folk dance groups of Central and South America, and the assistants wore the national colors blue and white.

It should be noted that the sports center where football and entertainment tournaments were held for the entire community, Salvadorans enjoyed a nostalgic Sunday with mixed feelings, without neglecting that they savored the different typical dishes.

VD Edition: Carlos Renderos.