11 August, 2022

Diana Florián brings the topic of domestic violence to the Panama Book Festival

Diana Florian, Panamanian doctor and writer. Photo: Courtesy.
Miraculously Vallecillos

Panama – "Beyond the brick road" is the first book by the Panamanian writer Diana Florián, who is also a specialist in pediatric intensive therapy, literature lover, and with the sensitivity and delicacy to portray with his pen the realities that impact society.

His work addresses the different types of violence, of genre, psychological, physical and sexual, and brings to consciousness the impact of this deeply rooted problem in our culture, to such a degree that it limits the growth of many women, who cannot develop, and get out of harmful circles.

The book “Beyond the brick road” written by Diana Florián of Panamanian nationality.

"The book tries to form a path, it is a call not to stand idly by ", Explain.

The author analyzes that the mistreatment suffered by a woman affects the psychological health of her children, and in their decisions.

"I think that the main mistake of our society has been to touch these issues under the table, do not touch them head on. It is one of the reasons why I wrote this novel ", states.

Hence, the writer's vision emphasizes the urgent need for a change, that can't wait. "We can not continue to delay the issue, it has to come from us as a society ", ensures the Panamanian, after considering that although the laws and the government do their part, transformation must come from everyone. "There must be a change in mentality, a cultural change ", add.

Diana Florián was born in the Old Town of Panama City, during his childhood his favorite place for recreation and games was "Las Bóvedas", that now becomes the protagonist of his novel.

The streets leading to the Old Town are made of red brick, but as you enter Las Bóvedas or walls, the panorama changes, finish the brick road and start the concrete, a contrast that for Florián became the perfect setting to develop the most important moments in his history.

The theme is strong, but it helps to understand that violence is not a matter of lower social strata, it can happen in all families, and affect anyone, therefore it is important to get out of that vicious circle.

The book is a contribution to society to understand how to eradicate the issue at its roots and identify with the characters portrayed in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, a simple story, but with a deep social message.

Nowadays, the writer has also released the poem "The eternal dance of incongruity", which deals with the different types of discrimination "and how false we are when we discriminate and then bother us when they discriminate against us", details.

In previous days, the Panamanian writer took to the Book Festival, organized by the Panamanian Chamber of Books on the issue of domestic violence.

The activity takes place from 29 from September to 3 October at the Town Center of Costa del Este, Its purpose is to publicize new literary works through talks and workshops.

The lawyer specializing in children and family, Tania Toala, was the moderator of this discussion that allowed the writer to reveal details of her work.

During the meeting, the author referred to the cases of domestic violence that worsened during this pandemic, even the World Health Organization (WHO) identified domestic violence as the second pandemic in 2020.

"I am interested in touching social issues, raise my voice and show the world that I disagree. I want to send a message of hope to those who are going through these situations of violence ", the writer points out.