National Pupusas Day, typical Salvadoran food with international flavor

By Luis Alberto López

The second Sunday of every November, El Salvador celebrates the National Pupusas Day.

Mrs. Esperanza Pérez, has worked in the trade and has contributed to this typical food continue to be popular, says that pupusas signify the cultural heritage of El Salvador.

More than 30 years came from the municipality of Olocuilta to San Marcos, back then the most common were corn pupusas, but she offered the rice ones with a variety of ingredients and of various sizes, which to date are still one of the best pupusas in the municipality.

So much acceptance has been that many people take them to other countries, incluso a Iraq, U.S, Mexico; Glen, Ecuador, among other countries where customers order them to take them.

More than, by decree, This typical food is part of the Salvadoran culture and identity recognized nationally and internationally.