National day of pupusas in Washington D. C.

Freedom Square (Freedom Plaza), very close to the White House, It will be the scenario in which the mayor and the mayor Bowser Muyshondt commemorate the first year of twinning.

Salvadorean Way is the name that will have a street in the US capital.
By Carmen Rodriguez

The city where the presidential residence is located where President Donald Trump launches comments and anti-immigrant policies designate the National Day Pupusa. “That is the 6 November and want to bring people who make pupusas in Olocuilta for that event, Olocuilta being the capital of pupusas”, said Jacky Reyes, director of the Office of Latino Affairs for mayor of Washington D. C. (SPRING, for its acronym in English).

But also, the famous “Mamplesa”, a small but symbolic street to the Salvadoran and Latino community of the District of Columbia (D. C.), Salvadorean Way would be called in the coming months by the mayor of the US capital.

Mount Pleasant and the surrounding area was during the 80 Y 90 the first in which Salvadorans who came to America settled. The street was also the point at which other Latin American immigrants gathered to alleviate loneliness and sorrows of living away from their land.

The idea of ​​naming this space as Salvadorean Way and have the National Day Pupusa is recognition of the contribution of the Salvadoran community working, It develops and resides in D. C., and it is part of the results of the twinning between the mayors of Washington and San Salvador, this week marks one year signed.

Mutual recognition is: mayor of San Salvador appoint one of its avenues with the name of the city that hosts and hosts thousands of Salvadorans in the United States: Washington D. C.

The appointment will be the recognition and Salvadoran tribute to the most important city of the US East Coast and will be officially announced tomorrow, during the events of the celebration of the first year of the signing of the agreement between the two cities.

“It is a historic twinning. Twinning can be made with countries that are not up to the big cities, but the mayor Muriel Bowser saw in San Salvador a city that is emerging, It is emerging and can become globally a big city”, Reyes said.

First World Library

The results of the twinning between the two cities produce other benefits for Salvadorans in San Salvador. One of the highlights by the Mayor of D. C. It is building a first-class library based on models of US libraries.

For the design and construction of facilities, which will be located in the Satellite neighborhood, Mayor D. C. It involved the company MMC Build, recognized construction company in the Washington metropolitan area, Maryland y Virginia (DMV) which it has a large group of employees of Salvadoran origin.

The library will also be virtual and will start operation with an inventory of 3,000 books online, a program of “software” learning and gradually have a catalog that will reach a 10,000 printed books will be available to the capital Salvadorans.

For this Proyect, Mayor of Washington invested $500,000, from grants, while the counterpart of the Mayor of San Salvador was $25,000. The money is being managed by an NGO capital, according details of one of the parties.

The exchanges

The agreement between D. C. and San Salvador continues to advance. Among the projects are still being developed there are some that include cultural benefits, labor and business for various sectors of both cities.

During the visit he held the Salvadoran Mayor Ernesto Muyshondt this week there will be meetings between entrepreneurs and businessmen coffee area D. C. to address the issue of coffee exports from El Salvador to Washington.

Among future plans, both offices consider installing a small office that works with certain services for those living in the metropolitan area.

“We have considered exchanges with police to discuss security issues”, Reyes continued.

In cultural office of D edilicia. C. Costea participation Band peace El Salvador, Great as Its People, which will be part of the Festival of the Americas, which is held every year in September in the main streets of the US capital.

As part of the same agreement culture, Salvadorans several muralists decorate the garbage trucks City.

Article published in LPG.