All Souls' Day with mariachis and flowers in the cemeteries

Photo: Teodoro Vasquez.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Savior – Signs of affection and respect for their loved ones fill the municipal cemetery of Tacuba department of Ahuachapán, in El Salvador, where until “famous” Mariachis unite to commemorate the traditional Day of the Faithful All Souls.

Photo: Teodoro Vasquez.

Salvadoran families to honor their loved ones visited the graves of their relatives, Due to biosafety protocols, the influx of people in the last two years has been decreasing due to Covid restrictions 19.

Photo: Teodoro Vasquez.

However, the flower trade is always in demand from customers, part of the ritual is to bring flowers to the graves.

Relatives clean and paint the cross of their deceased relatives. Photo: Teodoro Vasquez.

Municipal Cemetery in the Municipality of Cuscatancingo, The Savior

photo VD: Angela escobar.

Flowers and few people, due to biosecurity measures are observed in the Municipal Cemetery of Quezaltepeque, in El Salvador.

Among flowers, tears and memories, honor their deceased relatives. Photo: Camilo Guzman.