Church leader arrested "The Light of the World" by 26 crimes, including child pornography

For Recinos Kriscia

Nahshon Joaquin Garcia, church leader "Light of the World" in California, U.S, He was arrested by the authorities in ascribing 26 crimes, including sexual abuse, child pornography and trafficking.

The state attorney, Xavier Becerra announced that Garcia was arrested for committing the offenses between 2015 Y 2018. He explained, the religious leader would have forced underage victims to perform sexual acts, ensuring that if they refused they were breaking the will of God, for he was an apostle sent to earth.

Joaquin Garcia dictated bail 25 million and so far it is unknown whether it will have a private defense.

Facebook in the congregation Light of the World, California, It not mentioned the subject, however it has called members to a meeting to be held in the next few hours, which will participate in the council of bishops.

The congregation of Mexican origin has offices in many countries around the world, and it is estimated to have more than one million followers.

Repeatedly this group has been accused of child sexual abuse, but they had not filed charges of criminal manner. In addition to the leader, three women were arrested on similar charges.

The complainant is a young 15 years, which he stated that one of the accused suggested to her and to other minors, make suggestive and scantily clad dancing Garcia, hiding behind its position.

On other occasions, I would have asked for touching in a sexual way and send him nude photos.

According to international media, there would be more complaints of abused children under age.