First case of reinfection by coronavirus detected

By Dennis Aguillón

Researchers from the University of Hong Kong reported on the "first case of reinfection" by coronavirus.

In this case, the man of Asian origin and 33 year-old had made a trip to Spain and returned to Hong Kong via the UK. As sanitary measures and part of the detection protocol at the airport, a saliva sample was taken and tested positive for COVID-19 a second time.

The first time he contracted the virus was at the end of March, four and a half months later he was infected again.

According to research and data disclosed by the patient, in his second infection he did not present any symptoms of the virus. The case raises questions about the durability of immune protection. But nevertheless, the specialists mentioned that this case could be atypical among the millions of cases worldwide.

Immunity could last a few months, they also noticed that this second time it was milder than the first infection.

Malik Peiris, virologist from the University of Hong Kong, said he is not the author of the article describing the reinfection, but you are familiar with the case.

"The reinfection did not cause disease, so that is the first point to analyze. And the second thing is that it is important to know if the patient presented a neutralizing antibody response. The fact that someone can be re-infected is not surprising at the first infection, because the vast majority of patients in our experience have a good neutralizing antibody response. The fact that the second infection was very low in severity, is what we would expect to see with a vaccine. Hopefully, a vaccine will induce a more rigorous immunity ", Peiris explained.