30 November, 2022

Details of the official ball of the Qatar World Cup 2022

It is called in this edition 'Al Rihla', What does 'the journey' mean in Arabic?, and it's back to the brand "Adidas"

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Sport – It is called in this edition 'Al Rihla', What does the journey mean?’ in Arabic, and it's back to the brand “Adidas”, who has made the 14th consecutive ball of a world championship.

As pointed out by the highest body in world football, the main characteristic of the ball is its speed: “It is designed to withstand the maximum speed of matches, since it travels through the air faster than any other sphere”.

“Al Rihla offers optimal degrees of accuracy and reliability in the field, due in part to the novel shape of its panels and new surface textures”, FIFA points out.

As detailed by the highest body and organizer of the World Cup, the composition of the Al Rihla has two main details:

The ball will be white again, with red details, mostly yellow and blue.


The heart of the ball provides speed, accuracy and consistency in the highest intensity matches, and keep the shape as much as possible., the air and the precision in the rebound.


A textured polyurethane leather in a novel shape with 20 panels that improves accuracy, the stability and rotation of the ball in the air thanks to macro and micro textures, as well as the counter-relief of the surface.