Outstanding soccer player abroad is summoned to the Female Sub 17

Love Ramírez, the young girl stands out in women's football. Photo: Courtesy.

By Deysi Dominguez

U.S – Love Ramírez, a young Salvadoran soccer player who was highlighted through the digital medium Voz de la Diáspora, and taken up by the Graphic Press, is now one of those summoned to be part of the Sub 17 From El Salvador, reported his father Roque Ramírez.

Cintya's dream, and his father's, are being fulfilled, due to its persistence, since both did not stop training and efforts despite the pandemic in the world.

Cintya Ramirez./ Photo: Courtesy.

The young lady of now 15 years, sent videos and a sheet of information to the authorities of the National Soccer Federation of El Salvador, with whom they maintain contact, and they already confirmed that she, It is part of the summoned in the selection of El Salvador Sub 17.

Cintya from 4 years, was enrolled by her father in a professional soccer school in the city of Long Beach, The Angels, California, U.S.

Cintya Ramirez with her parents and brother. Photo: Courtesy.

Since then, perseverance has led her to reach one of her first steps in the area of ​​women's football..

The different activities that the Ramírez family performs daily to get ahead and the limitations caused by Covid-19, have never been a barrier to supporting Cintya and achieving her goals.