Corpse discovered excavating huts in the Jute River, The Savior

Photo: Courtesy.
By Deysi Dominguez

The excavation of huts in the El Jute River, Liberty Harbor, The Savior, uncovered a clandestine grave where a lifeless body of a woman appeared, presumed to have disappeared from the past 8 June of the current year.

The find was discovered on Friday 30 of July, when staff of the mayor of the Port of La Libertad, located south of the Salvadoran capital, He manipulated machines that worked in the construction of protection borders in front of the La Esperanza neighborhood of said municipality.

By observing the strange, workers immediately stopped machinery, and they informed the local authorities and the police of the Port of La Libertad.

The Police in coordination with the tax authorities, carried out the removal of the body until Saturday 31, since a court order was needed to proceed in the case.

According to research, personal documents were found near the body that will help the investigation process.