Dismantled in Toronto "Great shop online" child pornography

By Luisa Moncada

A huge network that distributed child pornography payment to thousands of users, Worldwide, It was disjointed morning Thursday in Toronto, Glen.

The operation started in 2012, It was called "Greenwell Project" and "Project Blackheath", and it is the result of a multinational investigation by the Toronto Police, the Ontario Provincial Police and members of the State Security Department US.

Police officials reported in a press conference that the investigation stopped as a result, five detainees and the seizure of 32 data servers that were staying in a room located in the city of Toronto and working under the name YesUp Media. These servers contain videos and photographs of child pornography were distributed to 60 thousand registered users 116 different countries.

The General Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police, Thomas Carrique, He said he was satisfied with the results, since according to him "not only the number of clients who abuse children declined online, but the platform containing the monstrous content was also removed ".

Detainees Media Company YesUp respond to the names of Zheng He (Patrick) Zeng, of 40 year old, Zhen Yu (Jeff) Zeng, of 42, Chin Choi (Peter) why, of 52, Sui Hua (Jeff) is, of 47, and Wen (Larry) Li de 31. Defendants who were presented in total 11 charges must surrender their passports and report to the court in Toronto next 1 of August.