Dermatologists study relationship between skin rashes and coronavirus

Ilustrative Photo.
By Dennis Aguillón, Spain

Several dermatologists started this week in Spain, a study to determine if skin rashes, presented by some Covid-19 positive patients, could be related to the disease.

The alarm was given because in the last days the cases of people who have skin rashes and who test positive for the disease of the moment, were up.

Cristina Galván, dermatologist and one of the directors who lead the COVID-PIEL study, He said in an interview that the doctors who are treating the health crisis and the pandemic, observed cutaneous manifestations on the skin, especially on the limbs and parts of the fingers and toes.

Galván also said, that the doctors are amazed, because these are repetitive symptoms in young people and children. But also, this symptom is associated with patients with Covid-19, asymptomatic.

But nevertheless, in patients who are hospitalized or sicker different manifestations are noted. Upon completion of the study, clinicians will determine to what extent this rash can be associated with Covid-19..

The specialist said that many dermatologists worldwide are observing this feature and different studies are being carried out in various countries..

The doctor recommended to have absolute tranquility to those who show these symptoms; well, not associated with being sicker. Thus, there is no need to worry and likewise do not go out in search of a test because there is no certainty that this is contagious.

Galván stressed that it is not necessary to anticipate results without having knowledge, or think you might be positive for the virus. For this reason, this group of specialists is seriously working to advance and finish the study to present its results.