4 December, 2022

US Treasury Department sanctions President Bukele's chief of staff accused of corruption

Carolina Recinos, Chief of Cabinet of Government of El Salvador

US Treasury Department sanctions President Bukele's cabinet jafa, flagged for corruption

The Office of Foreign Assets Control of the Treasury Department appointed Martha Carolina Recinos de Bernal, under the Global Magnitsky Act on Human Rights Responsibility (photo courtesy)

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

WASHINGTON - The Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control appointed Martha Carolina Recinos de Bernal, under the Global Magnitsky Act on Human Rights Responsibility. This is how the United States embassy in El Salvador replied in its Twitter account https://twitter.com/USEmbassySV

Recinos is designated for being a government official “responsible or complicit or who has been directly or indirectly involved in, corruption". The designation leads to ineligibility for visa and the Department. of the Treasury will block the properties and interests in the United States. from President Nayib Bukele's official.

According to the official publication, Martha Carolina Recinos De Bernal was the head of a multi-ministries multi-million dollar corruption scheme involving suspicious acquisitions in the construction of a hospital, in addition to ordering various government ministers to authorize suspicious purchases related to the pandemic, including millions of dollars in surgical masks and millions more in hospital gowns from companies with no apparent ties to the healthcare industry or manufacturing.

From 2021, Salvadoran Officials Awarded Millions of Dollars in Inflated Contracts Related to the Government's Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, which in turn allowed bribes to Salvadoran government officials and some of President Bukele's advisers.

In relation to this, Bukele administration officials, including Chief of Staff Recinos, they allegedly resold donated personal protective equipment and other medical aid at significant margins for their personal gain.

further, Recinos led a corruption scheme in which government-bought food baskets intended for COVID-19 relief were diverted for use by specific New Ideas candidates to gain support in the February municipal and legislative elections. 2021.

Instead of delivering the items as a government service, food baskets were used to gain votes and support in the run-up to the elections.

President Nayib Bukele reacts

In his Twitter account, the Salvadoran president reacted to the accusations and wrote :

“It is clear that the United States Government does not accept collaboration, friendship or alliance.

It is absolute submission, the nothing.

These daily accusations seem absurd.

I didn't know they were so interested in El Salvador.

Maybe what interests them, is to stop the "bad example".