Reported four teachers in Spain for mocking child with autism

Photo: Marlon Hernandez
By Dennis Aguillón

The family of the child filed an indictment in a primary school in Sevilla, Spain, He is arguing that the girl suffered insults and mockery in the presence of classmates.

The small object was shouting and offensive phrases, as: "I also know banging", "This girl has stuck brain", and "in the madhouse of Miraflores was here in adults".

To have evidence of abuses, the parents took the girl one day to the classroom with a tape recorder in his backpack. This decision was taken, as they began to worry after her daughter suffered two seizures in a short time, and began to introduce "self-injurious behavior".

These actions were accompanied by regular bites on hands, attitudes that increased when he went to school and decreased when the weekend came.

A case under investigation

So far there is no resolution, the office of Andalusian Ombudsman follows up the case.

The Minister of Education and Sports of the Andalusian government, Javier Imbroda, He urged this week to await the inspection report to have all the information about the case and take action. He was emphatic in saying, "No doubt that when we have all the information we will act accordingly".

Social inclusion is the key

8 decade 10 Children with this disease in Spain, suffer from bullying and bullying, according to the Spanish Confederation of Autism.

The CEO of this organization, Jesus Garcia Llorente highlighted the difficulties of integrating pupils in schools, during his appearance in the commission of comprehensive disability policies Senate, where he went to report on the situation of people with disorders on the Autism Spectrum (TEA)

ASD is a disorder of neurological origin, It is affecting socialization, communication, imagination and behavior.

Every 2 April worldwide World Awareness Day is celebrated on Autism. This in order to motivate society to promote social inclusion.