16 August, 2022

Democrats want Trump in the dock

Photo: Courtesy.

Maria T. Morales

President Donald Trump faces charges of incitement to insurrection, after five days of the capture of the Capitol building.

The Democratic representatives presented the resolution that would be the beginning of the process to make the president answer for the seizure of the Congress and Senate building, happened last wednesday.

Six dead, dozens of injuries and material damage left the seizure of the building by followers of the president; some of these have already been arrested and face various criminal charges.

 To succeed the motion of the Democrats, This would mean that the president will never be able to hold public office.

Despite the fact that Trump has never presented credible evidence about the alleged fraud, fans claim victory fueled by the flame of mistrust lit by the president, even before the presidential elections, 

"It is a danger to our country, today and tomorrow and every day that is (Donald Trump) in the white house, Silvia García said, Texas representative.

Representatives want Trump out of the question of seeking re-election in 2024.

Likewise, They want the president to answer for the pressure that he exerted against an Atlanta prosecutor in search of reversing the electoral result.

One of the possibilities they are considering is also that Mike Pence, the vice president, invoke the 25th amendment to the Constitution and remove him from office for being mentally unfit to govern.

Amid the president's political tsunami, this afternoon, the first lady Melania Trump, added a little more when through a goodbye letter, among other details he regretted the events that occurred on Wednesday.

The first lady lamented the deaths of fans before mentioning the names of two Capitol police officers who lost their lives during the invasion..

 "Our nation must heal in a civilized manner" said the president's wife ".