27 September, 2022
Luis Alberto López

Wearing a mask or mask as protection against COVID-19 does not mean that you will lose your glamor or elegance.

This is how they visualized it in a haute couture workshop, in Ciudad Delgado, The Savior, where its owners and designers profited from the pandemic after being affected by reducing orders for clothing and uniforms, and decided to venture into the design of “Gala Masks”, which has resulted in total success.

Creaciones Fanny found the way of fashion in the midst of the pandemic, making with quality and protection these garments that have become necessary and mandatory to prevent COVID-19 infections since they have five layers of protection of different fabrics.

They are more than 25 designs, ranging from the 3D Mask Imperial, Princess, Executive, Sapphire and Emerald, among other. Prices vary between $5 Y $25.

There are orders for different events, like weddings, fifteen years, parades and reigns, among other party occasions.

This small uniform-making company, has grown in the middle of the pandemic.