Where are the Hispanics living in the United States?

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The last census done in the United States revealed that there are almost 60 million Latinos, that is to say, the 18% of the total population of the North American country.

Make 39 years, in 1980, they were 14.8 millions, that is, the 6.5% of the total population.

The Hispanic community, including immigrants and Spanish-speaking countries the Castilian.

Latinos in the US have different economic and demographic and this has led to Hispanic roots in North America muten.

Pew Research Center, con sede en Washington D.C., He published a report with the latest data from Latino population in the United States.

The analysis is based on statistics from the United States Census Bureau for the years 2010, 2015 Y 2017 the American Community Survey and the decennial census of the United States of year 2000.

What are the changes observed according to research?

1. Venezuelan population in the United States grew 76% since 2010, arriving to 421 thousand people in 2017, the fastest rate of growth among Hispanic groups.

2. It has slowed international migration from Latin America, and this is reflected in the proportion of Latinos in the United States who are immigrants, which it is currently 33%, when in 2010 was the 37%.

3. Most Latinos are US citizens. The 79% Latinos living in the country are citizens, Meanwhile in 2010 it was a 74%.

It includes people born in the United States, children of American parents born abroad and immigrants who have become citizens.

4. An increasing number of former residents of the North American country is greater. Almost four out of five immigrants, that is, the 78% He has lived in the United States for more than 10 years, Compared to him 64% which meant that in 2010.

5. The proportion of English-speaking Latinos increased. In 2017 was the 70% Meanwhile in 2010 It was him 65%. Those who have more advanced in learning the language is Spanish, followed by Puerto Ricans and Panamanians.

Salvadorans are among the least speak the American language, with just a 53%.

6. The composition of the Hispanic population varies major metropolitan areas.

Mexicans comprise two-thirds of Hispanics in the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles and Houston.

Puerto Ricans are the largest group in the metro Orlando, Forida and Salvadorans are the largest group in Washington D.C.

7. The average age of Latinos in the United States increased. Latinos 2010 They had an average age of 27 years, Meanwhile in 2017 it was of 29. This is below the US national average of 38.

Latinos "major" come from Cuba and Argentina.

8. Venezuelans are more educated immigrants. Near to 16% Latinos over 25 years has a college degree or above. More than half of Venezuelans who have reached the United States have a bachelor's degree.

Guatemalans and Salvadorans are those with the lowest percentage of this academic level, with only 10%.

9. Economic conditions vary Latinos. Argentines have the highest average household income, with $68 one thousand dollars.

Hondurans have the lowest average income, with $41 thousand.

10. More than half of US Hispanics are of Mexican origin.

Mexicans are the largest group, constitute the 62% of the total Hispanic population.

Source: INFOBAE.

photo VD: Diego Murcia.