11 August, 2022

Four migrants die in the jungles of Darien in their attempt to reach Panama

Ilustrative Photo.
By Elida Moreno

Panama reported the death of four undocumented migrants as they crossed the dangerous Darien jungle on the border with Colombia amid the coronavirus health crisis, and the increasing traffic of foreigners in recent weeks, mostly en route to the United States.

The National Migration Service said in a statement that “in recent weeks the death of four irregular migrants has been registered, three men and a woman ", whose nationality was not specified.

The victims would have drowned before the flooding of the rivers as the rainy season approached both the woman who was found in the area of ​​Villa Caleta, such as two men in the community of Charco Chivo and another migrant whose body was located about 15 minutes from the Rio Arriba community, in the province of Darién.

The Darien jungle is considered one of the most dangerous regions in the world, which has become an obligatory route for the thousands of migrants, mostly extracontinental and Haitians, who seek to reach the United States, facing the inhospitable conditions of the area., and criminal gangs.

Ilustrative Photo.

In a previous statement, the Panamanian Foreign Ministry explained that it had asked the Colombian government for a controlled flow agreement similar to the one established in 2016 with Costa Rica to avoid a migration crisis, after an increase in the transit of undocumented foreigners in recent weeks.

During the first trimester of 2021, some have entered Panama irregularly 7,150 migrants, of those ones 4 a thousand did it in March, no previous biosafety controls, despite the existence of health provisions in the countries through which they pass, he added.