Four Latino candidates participating in federal elections in October in Canada

Oscar Vigil

Toronto, Ontario. The new federal election campaign officially began this week in Canada, but no one doubts that for several weeks and are in a struggle for votes, a struggle in which, according to surveys, It is to define between the current Prime Minister, el Liberal Justin Trudeau, and Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer.

If the elections had been held this week, the Liberal Party had won a minority government, as polls predict. But nevertheless, as well they say all politicians, the only poll that really counts is the day of elections.

This survey is to be carried out 21 next October, Y 40 days before the Governor General of Canada, who represents the Queen of England, He called for elections to officially launch the campaign (the minimum days of campaign 36).

But nevertheless, and although legally he had not yet begun the campaign, New Democracy Party (NDP, social democrat) officially launched on Sunday 8 and the Conservative Party did his Wednesday 11 of September. The ruling Liberal Party, meanwhile, He had been waiting until the limit to continue their usual functions of government before making the official announcement.

In this election, in which the country is much played between two quite different projects, primarily on immigration, social and environmental protection investment, It is known to date of the participation of four candidates from Latin America based in two political parties. Two competing in Ontario and two in Quebec.

in Ontario, and specifically in the circumscription of Davenport, in Toronto, the current MP Julie Dzerowicz seeking re-election after having completed a first term of office. His biggest opponent is Andrew Cash, NDP member, MP who was the representative of that constituency who Dzerowicz defeated in elections 2015.

Dzerowicz he born in Canada, but is the daughter of Ukrainian father and Mexican mother, and during the course of their duties it has quite approached Latin American communities in both Toronto and Ottawa, the capital. She has been a strong pillar for the celebrations of the Latin American Heritage Month at the level of the Federal Parliament.

According to polls, so far the competition is going to lead the MP Dzerowicz with 40 percent of preferences against a 35 del Cash.

The other Hispanic candidate in Toronto's Andrea Vásquez, who competes under the banner of the NDP in the district of York Center against the current Liberal Party MP Michael Levitt. Vasquez is identified as the first afrolatina seeking political participation through elections for public office. Born in Canada, but its roots are Colombian and africanidad inherited from his father, who married a Creole South American country.

Vasquez is an educator and social activist who has worked extensively with various community organizations, including educational network latinx, Afro-Latin-America, Abya Yala Education Network (laen).

But polls do not favor him. According to the data to date, the candidate of the Conservative Party, Rachel Wilson, leads with the 43.2 percent of preferences against 40.5 de Levitt. Hispanic ranks fourth candidate preferences with 6.5%, behind the Green Party candidate.

in Quebec, the best known Hispanic candidate is the current Minister of Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism, the MP Pablo Rodriguez, who is of Argentine origin and to date has become political with Latin American roots has climbed the highest public office at government level.

Rodriguez is the favorite for re-election in the constituency Honoré-Mercier, in Montreal, a loose lead 54.7% electoral preferences against Jacques Binette, del Bloc, its closest candidate who holds just 13.7%.

The fourth candidate of Latin American origin who participates in this election is Soraya Martinez Ferrada, who competes as a candidate of the Liberal Party in the constituency Hochelaga, in Montreal, where fighting a close battle against the Bloc Québécois candidate Simon Marchand. Ferrada Martinez leads the race slightly with 26.4% Preferences against 26.2% Marchand.

But in politics, 40 days is an eternity, so this photograph corresponding to this week could change dramatically next 21 October, once the party machinery have thrown all the ammunition they are prepared to kill their opponents and both have widely presented their election platforms.

We will have to see what propose, and there will also follow up on these four candidates who have their roots in several countries in Latin America and that could give greater voice to Hispanic communities living in Canada.