2 December, 2022

Quarantine in Italy strikes undocumented Salvadorans

By Engelbert Pérez Maldonado, Italy

The pandemic of the covid-19 that plagues everyone, even stronger hits the most vulnerable. Salvadorans are no exception. In Italy, the group of compatriots who are undocumented are those who suffer the consequences of the closure of the country and pandemic.

“We still have some money to endure three days, but that is not going to happen after”, says Refugio, an undocumented Salvadoran passing quarantine with his family of four including a boy 13 years.

The fellow who lives southeast of Milan, It is one of hundreds, who they have sought help from some organizations of the Salvadoran community in Italy.

Most Salvadorans who migrated to Italy, Poor people are doing precarious jobs, enabling them living, but not save, and when missing work are left without the possibility of obtaining the most fundamental: housing and food.

Although this reality, hits equal to documented and undocumented residents, paralyzing the health emergency because of Covid 19 left in utter helplessness to undocumented immigrants who have lost their jobs. There is documented for some government coverage, although not of the 100%, but for those who have no legal protection.

Until the last week of February Refugio and his son worked washing dishes and doing the cleaning at a restaurant via Padova. Measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus forced to close restaurants all activities and thereby desemplear thousands of people throughout Italy.

Refugio and his son for being undocumented working “in black”, as it is called in Italy, all activities undeclared to the State for not paying taxes. The employer saves taxes and contributions to the pension system that would allow health care, the probability of reaching a future pension and to respect the labor rights of employees.

Silvia Tobal, founder of the House of Culture in Milan Salvadoreña, He said there are dozens of Salvadorans who seek help because they have lost their jobs due to quarantine ordered by the Italian authorities. further, It works closely with Salvadoran organizations in the country.

Tobal explained that because of the ban on travel is impossible to organize activities to help those in need. He explained, with the participation of other groups, They tried to find other Salvadorans kindhearted, willing to contribute to what extent this, to support a fellow who lives in your area.

The organizations link, They contacted those in need and those who can help and then, they deliver aid directly.

According to data from the National Confederation of Growers Agroalimentarios, then people without income amounts to quarantine 2,700,000 affected.

Francesco Chiavarini, Caritas Ambrosiana spokesman, He said that after the health crisis a social crisis because many had as a source of income black work because they performed like I care activities of ansianos or children opens, deliverers food delivery, trade street souvenir, flowers and plants, office cleaning, dishwasher restaurants, among others.