2 December, 2022

How many grams of posverdad in times of the Coronavirus?

By Paola Molina Noguera, Co-Founder of All with Voice

Flee news is as difficult as escape the global pandemic of the coronavirus or own conspiracy theories, They are trying to sow myths to respond to every ideology about the origin and spread of the virus.

Citing Yuval Noah: "Actually, humans have always lived in the era of posverdad. Homo sapiens is a species of posverdad, whose power depends on creating fictions and believe in them ". Las fake news, propaganda and misinformation are nothing new, social networks in the COVID 19 They are the most effective vehicle for spreading and viralizar the posverdad.

Religious myths come to play a very important role to provide explanations believers with doses of fiction and truth but guarantees them the path to survival amid the spread of the virus. For example, spokesman of the Health Sector of the Mexican government, He said that President Lopez Obrador is possessed of a moral force rather than a force of contagion, you can live with his followers, despite WHO recommendations to avoid direct contact from person to person.

Likewise, President Lopez Obrador on Wednesday assumed that scapulars of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and other amulets protect against coronavirus "Detente enemy, the Heart of Jesus is with me ", "The shield is like the detente, honesty is, That is what protects: not allow corruption ", he added. President Trump, He declared on Sunday 15 March as National Day of Prayer for the coronavirus "This country has historically sought God for protection and strength", He highlighted.

Sow hope and faith in religion the way towards cooperation, to organize the masses effectively based on some mythology, "False stories have an intrinsic advantage over the truth when it comes to bringing people together. If we are to assess group loyalty, make people believe in an absurdity is a test much better than asking him to make the truth ".

Professional science and medicine try to tear down the artificial conspiracy theories about the origin of the COVID 19, Meanwhile the views in the world are divided between those who like Trump say the virus spread through the Wuhan Institute of Virology, called by US President as "the Chinese virus".

Meanwhile, other voices like Xi Jinping has suggested that the virus was caused by US military personnel in the Chinese region of Wuhan, rather than by an animal alive (pangolin) in a market in Wuhan.

Clearly the power goes hand in hand fiction, at the least it is profitable to political leaders, because it is easier to gather their support around myths that unite them explaining the truth and scientific arguments. Suffice to say there are still many grams of posverdad in COVID 19.

Paola Molina Noguera
Policy article published by Guru.