3 December, 2022

Cruz Verde and Salvadoreña 49 years of community service

Photo VD / Courtesy: Salvadoran Green Cross.
By Lucia Erazo

“Firsthand the needs of the population generates a spirit of solidarity”, says Stanley Flowers, Consul of El Salvador in Los Angeles. This valuation makes remembering 23 years actively served as a volunteer in Cruz Verde Salvadoreña (CVS).

The relief agency, non profit, was founded in 1970 and eleven years later, in 1981 Flores entered as part of the social service required by the institute in which he studied. “Little by little I liked it”, dice.It was the time of the civil war in El Salvador, and as a young man it was exciting to be in these institutions, supporting people in need, being at the center of the conflict, helping the population”.

In his time at Cruz Verde he performed different functions, was a lifeguard until he became a board member. It served the Mexican community during the earthquake in 1985, without suspecting that a year later he would be helping the Salvadorans affected by the earthquake in 1986. While “The Cusucos” (rescue specialists brigade in collapsed structures) rescued victims, “The Cherenqueques” They jumped from canton to canton collecting aid for the victims, this is how the founder of this last brigade remembers it, Bernardino Claros.

“Salvadoran Green Cross has been one of the best schools I have ever had, where the practice is completed with the theoretical that I acquired in the church. It is one of the few community institutions that work closely with the needy. I have not known another entity that works in this way. CVS is at the right time and on a voluntary basis. First is life. I was a volunteer and also a contributing partner”, Claros emphasizes, who was also an official spokesperson for said body.

His visit to the Salvadoran Green Cross, made them more sensitive to the needs of others, but they are also aware that the institution requires more and better resources to provide dignified care to the population. That is why, together, Stanley y Bernardino, They have not hesitated to support the management of resources that is being carried out in Los Angeles by the current president of said organization., Luis Laínez.

“Together we organize activities and look for possible financiers to be able to acquire inputs and resources that are required in the country”, Laínez comments. We have several projects, mainly get ambulances. Transportation is a priority”, adds Claros.

But nevertheless, the list of needs is longer and more complex, lists Luis Laínez, “we require rescue equipment and tools: vertical, vehicular, for collapsed structures, water, underwater, radio communication equipment, communication equipment, construction and reconstruction of facilities, and strengthen the training area with mannequins and disposable supplies and immobilization equipment, among others”, concludes.

The resource management carried out in Los Angeles since 2018, has already borne the first fruits. Thanks to the joint work of the consulate, iglesias, Business, media, leaders, community organizations, altruistic people and volunteers who donate their time, three ambulances have been purchased and dispatched.

With the motto “Help us to help”, It is 26 October a festival is being held to benefit Cruz Verde in the South of Los Angeles in 4428 S. Broadway Avenue.

“Much remains to be done”, recognizes Laínez, considering that “son 19 sectional (locales) to which we must provide resources and also improve infrastructure”.

“It is important that the community abroad provide support, come closer, who know the institution. Establishing trust mechanisms is vital for community and international organizations to get closer, see and live the need. The contributions of compatriots abroad help enormously to provide better care to patients at home. You can also visit our website www.cruzverdesalvadorena.org”, ends.

Alice Villamariona, Consul General of El Salvador in Los Angeles, with Luis Laínez, President of the Salvadoran Green Cross. photo VD: Lucia Erazo.
Stanley Flores, Consul of El Salvador in Los Angeles, Luis Laínez, president of Cruz Verde Salvadoreña and Bernardino Claros, of “Our TV”. photo VD: Lucia Erazo.
Bernardino Claros and Luis Laínez with volunteers in Los Angeles.