Cristina Kirchner presents his book "Sincerely"

Photo: @CFKArgentina
For Recinos Kriscia

Buenos Aires, Argentina. Hundreds of people waited in the rain the entrance of the former president and senator Cristina Kirchner to La Rural, where the presentation of his book "Sincerely" was held, within the framework of the 45th edition of the International Book Fair in Buenos Aires.

"I thank those who buy the book, I know it's a difficult time and I know that many do collecting coins ", said expresidenta to start the event, amid the reactions of his supporters who shouted him: "President Cristina".

The speech lasted almost 40 minutes, where exmandataria said the idea of ​​writing the book was his former chief of staff, Alberto Fernández.

"When he came and told me that distressed the things they said about me, Nestor and boys. He told me: 'You you have to go out and tell it'. Hence the idea of ​​writing a book ", he commented.

The book is about the recent political history of the country and the governments of Kirchner. "I do not believe in neutral, for neutral are the Swiss. Argentines are not neutral. I never was, I will not be ", he claimed.

The exmandataria also referred to the economic situation in their country. "There are more plans than that of the government of choriplaneros Today", he pointed, while he is indicating that their mandates were not needed because there were so many plans work.

During the speech, his followers stopped screaming: "We will come back”. "They are incorreglibles", Cristina Kirchner told.

At the end, It reminded her husband. "The book I wanted to dedicate Nestor. Nestor is already in history. I dedicate to him not as a politician, but as my partner, as the father of our children, because he deserved it ", he exclaimed in an emotional tone.

"Honestly," he sold more than 200.000 copies and was published by Penguin Random House. The book sold out in the first three editions.