11 August, 2022

Supreme Court orders President Bukele not use the armed forces against democracy

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Hours after the Salvadoran Armed Forces facilities Legislature take, by order of President Najib Bukele, the Supreme Court ordered a halt to actions that undermine democracy in El Salvador.

The measurement was taken, after two citizens submit a claim of unconstitutionality against the call made by the Government of Bukele to put pressure on MPs to approve a loan 109 millions of dollars.

further, the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of El Salvador, President ordered Bukele “refrain from making use of the Armed Forces in contratarías activities for the purposes constitutionally established and endanger the form of government republican and democratic… and particularly the separation of powers”.

The judges also ordered the Board in its resolution to the Director of the National Civil Police (PNC) Mauricio Arriaza Chicas and Defense Minister, René Francis Merino Monrroy, not to exercise “functions, or other activities that are constitutionally and legally bound”.

Both the director of the PNC, as Defense Minister, amid the political crisis unleashed the last weekend, publicly expressed their institutions obey any order of the President Bukele.

Militarize Government Center

Since the early 90, El Salvador did not see the Armed Forces break into an institution and take to the streets around the Government Center.

On Sunday, many Salvadorans revived horrific memories of the violent civil war that left 75 thousand dead Salvadorans, when a military command entered the Legislative Assembly by order of President Najib Bukele.

In addition to this demonstration of power, Bukele asked the population to benefit from Article 87 Salvadoran Constitution, in which “It recognizes the right to insurrection”.

The tension erupted and grew the previous Friday, after the deputies did not approve you a loan of Bukele 109 millions of dollars, with which, among other things, the Government intends to acquire a ship search and investing in your safety plan, of which few details are known.

The approval of the loan financed by the Bank for Economic Integration, I was almost ready. But nevertheless, the Economics Committee of the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador, He asked for more details of how the money would be used.

The government refused to give the details requested. The push and pull worsened and had the clash of powers that broke out in the militarization of the Legislative Assembly.

international reactions

Reactions to the incident and the militarization of the Legislature did not wait. Senator of the House of Representatives, Patrick McGovern, He disagreed in tweet.

further, the director of the Divissión of the Americas of Human Rights Watch, José Miguel Vivanco, also he said in tweet, what “brute force” which was observed in El Salvador is a reason for the Organization of American States (OAS) You meet urgently.

While US Senator, He stressed that the basis of democracy “It is the separation of powers”. McGovern also said, that resolving political differences should always be through dialogue.