11 August, 2022

Supreme Court of El Salvador ordered not to investigate cases of corruption

Photo: Julio Ríos, Legislative Assembly of El Salvador.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Supreme Court of El Salvador, Central American country with high levels of corruption, this week ordered not to investigate and archive all cases of public former officials who enriched themselves with state funds.

The order is issued, six months after the former president Elias Antonio Saca, He sentenced to ten years in prison for corruption, revealed during the trial against him, the system to embezzle the Salvadoran State was inherited by his predecessors and former allies of rightist ARENA.

According to information released by the digital newspaper El Faro, the ruling of the Supreme Court based on Article 240 of the country's Constitution “which states that trials may not start for illicit enrichment if not within the next ten years from the date on which an official is removed from office”.

Former President Saca, who came to government with right-wing party, He confessed to having deviated from the Salvadoran government coffers over 250 million dollars for his personal accounts, other officials of his government, including Secretary of Communications, Secretary of Youth and the Private Secretary of the Presidency and also to accounts rightist party.

further, the former president said that upon reaching the presidency in 2004, was Francisco Flores, also former Prime Minister and member of ARENA, who explained how it worked using state funds for personal activities, for overtime pay salaries in the government and party use right.

With the order of the Salvadoran Supreme Court, all officials who have been named in reports of corruption, in similar lawsuits or investigations initiated by the Public Ministry, They are shielded.

According to the annual report of the NGO Transparency International, the Central American country makes little effort to fight corruption and received 35 of 100 points in a sample of countries with higher rates of this problem.

For now, the only former official who can continue to be prosecuted for corruption is the president Mauricio Funes, the first government of the leftist FMLN, facing several lawsuits.

Funes is granted asylum in Nicaragua, since he knew about the investigation against him from that country and ensures that he is innocent and that everything is a revencha right for revealing details of corruption during the government of former President Flores.

The issue of corruption in the country, defined the results of the presidential elections held in February. One of the main campaign promises of President-elect, n watch, It was the fight against corruption.

Bukele promised his followers, Chase, investigate and punish all corrupt former officials have been enriched with funds from the Salvadoran State of the right and left, and also create a commission to investigate cases of corrupt politicians.

But nevertheless, the new president can not fulfill this promise; as, with the order of the Supreme Court or promote anyone can open investigations into corruption cases that occurred before 2009.