Brazilian Supreme Court suspended transfer order Lula da Silva

Photo: @LulaOficial
For Recinos Kriscia

Brazil's Supreme Court suspended an order of transfer of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of the Federal Police in Curitiba to a prison in Sao Paulo, This came amid requests to review your case.

Ten judges voted against the measure, Lula remain in the room of police headquarters in Curitiba until the impartiality of exjuez and current Minister of Justice is analyzed, Sergio Moro, Lula to judge that serving a sentence for corruption.

Lula was to be transferred to prison by order of a regional magistrate, after police complained about crowding caused by supporters and opponents of former president, around the facility where he is being held, Besides constant national and international visits.

Lula, of 73 years serving a sentence of eight years and 10 months in jail, for having benefited from an apartment, by one of the construction companies involved in the scandal Petrobras.

The sentence was confirmed twice in appellate courts, while Lula continues declared innocent and denounced a political-legal conspiracy to prevent him from returning to govern Brazil.