Constitutional Court of Ecuador approves gay marriage

Photo: @CorteConstuEcu
For Recinos Kriscia

Of the nine lawyers who make up the Supreme Court, five voted for allowing unions Efrain Javier Soria Benalcázar and Ruben Salazar with Carlos Verdesoto, who had complained that they could not legally binding in the civil registry in the province of Pichincha.

Most judges agreed on the need to implement the Advisory Opinion 24/7 the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, which recognizes, among other rights to lesbian, Gays, bisexuals, Trans e Intersexuales (LGBTI), the guarantee of figures such as marriage regardless of sexual orientation.

The event not only marks a precedent but modifies the rights of the community in the Ecuadorian society, because although the query raised to the court was only two couples, the decision applies to all couples who want to join homoparental under the law of the Andean country.

A court had arrived, In addition to the cases mentioned, 11 demands more from 2013, the first was filed by Pamela Troy and Gabriela Correa who have welcomed the decision of the Supreme Court through their social networks. "We are getting married", They published with a photograph.

Ecuador became the country's number 28 to approve gay marriage, then Taiwan.