Coronavirus expands, It is detected in Europe and other charges 15 lifes

The coronavirus continues to expand rapidly around the world. France confirmed on Friday three cases, These become the first disease in Europe.

In United States, Health experts said there are suspicions that indicate that authorities in China, They are not reporting correctly and also, They are not reporting the real numbers of people affected and deaths from coronavirus.

In less than a week, Health authorities of several countries confirmed the presence of the disease in its territory. In China the virus claimed the lives of more than 40 people; while, thousand people have contracted the disease.

But besides France, Australia and Malaysia, Friday also confirmed three cases. Although in less than a week the virus spread in 13 countries, including the US and Japan, World Health Organization (WHO) has not declared emergency.

Almost all people affected with the virus, They returned to countries where cases are recorded travel from Wuhan, the city where the outbreak originated from the coronavirus.