Coronavirus affects the Swedish royals

Image of the school where he studied Swedish princess. photo VD: Marlon Hernandez.
By Diego Recinos

The school attended by the Princess Estelle, located in central Stockholm, cerró sus instalaciones para los estudiantes, después que un alumno diera positivo con el coronavirus.

Wednesday night, an email was sent to parents Elementary School Campus Manilla in Östermalm, el que se informaba sobre un estudiante infectado con el coronavirus. El mensaje además aclaraba que el cierre de la escuela, durante el jueves, responde a una medida de prevención, a source confirms to the Swedish newspaper DN.

In accordance with the school principal, Carina Hagstrom Bergh, the institution is closed awaiting the advice of the health authorities in Stockholm to learn how to act. Las autoridades estudiantiles, recomendaron también a todos los estudiantes que estaban en las áreas afectadas quedarse en casa.

Health authorities have confirmed to several media princess school is closed, and it is not Estelle who is infected. The information that the official calendar of the royal couple “He freed for two weeks” She has led to speculation about whether it has something to do with the eruption of the disease, but the marshal of the court denies Fredrik Wersäll. “It has nothing to do with the coronavirus. The calendar lists the official engagements ", he stated.

photo VD: Marlon Hernandez.