Corinna Smith killed her husband with boiling water for abusing their children

Photo: Courtesy.
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The woman of 59 years she was sentenced to life imprisonment after killing her husband, Michael Baines, pouring boiling water with sugar on his body while he was asleep in his bed in Cheshire, England.

She explained that she decided to kill her husband after her daughter confessed that he had sexually abused her and her brother for several years, when they were younger.

Craig, Corinna's son took his own life in 2007, But before he revealed that he was abused by a pedophile, but nevertheless, he did not say who it was.

The day of the crime

According to The New York Post, Corinna boiled water in a kettle and put three bags of sugar in it to make a mixture like caramel so that it could adhere to the skin and cause damage. Her husband, of 80 years, He suffered burns in a third part of his body who died days later due to the severity of the injuries and after undergoing several surgeries in just over a month.

The woman was sentenced to life in prison for the murder, although within 12 years you could request a review and get a reduced sentence.