South Korea joins the celebration of the Day of the Salvadoran Abroad

Rocio Rivas, president of the Association of Salvadorans in Korea and correspondent of the Voice of Diaspora, Evelyn Miranda, Treasurer and vocal Erick Lopez sworn by Milton Alcides Magana Herrera, Ambassador of El Salvador in Korea.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Salvadorans South Korea joined the celebrations of the Day of the Salvadoran Abroad and as part of the activities, the 6 from December, during the commemoration of that day, in the city of Seoul, the election of the new board of the Association of Salvadorans was held in Korea.

The aim and main mission of this directive, It is to form a network of support and cooperation among Salvadorans living in South Korea with key institutions, in order to make joint efforts and promote initiatives that help promote Salvadoran culture to the international community and development of El Salvador and its national.

Ambassador of El Salvador in Korea, Milton Alcides Magana Herrera swore in the third board, It is established as follows: Chairwoman: Rocio Margarita Rivas Yun, Vice president: Claudia Henriquez, Secretary: Jheni Cruz, Treasurer: Evelyn Miranda, Vocal: Erick Lopez.

The association was born in 2016 with 31 members, all Salvadorans, seniors and residents of Korea, as contemplated statutes.

Rocio Rivas, the new president, He is also a member of the Journalists Association of Salvadoran Diaspora and correspondent for the international news agency.

The event was held in conjunction with the Salvadoran Embassy in that city and culminated with the signing of the Founding Act of the Association by the members of the new board.