Call for national strike in Bolivia, for alleged fraud in presidential

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

After the Electoral Court of Bolivia, discard a runoff in the presidential election, various civic committees Bolivians called a national strike in protest, by election results, they consider fraudulent.

The counting of votes, He was suspended Sunday night and resumed almost 24 hours later. For many Bolivians, This was an action to manipulate election results which unofficially said the president, Evo Morales, It will remain in power until 2025.

“We have decided to stop indefinitely until democracy is respected”, said Luis Fernando Camacho, Civic Movement leader Santa Cruz de la Sierra, with the results that give the winner Evo Morales.

Official data of the elections in Bolivia, which then they gave the pause 24 hours counting, They indicate that Evo Morales won 46.4% of the 98% of votes counted. While, opposition, Carlos Mesa, won 37.07%.

“The unexpected interruption” the counting of votes caused great concern, not only among Bolivians, but also among representatives of the International Community, he said Federica Mogherini, representative of the European Union.

According to European representative, the concern of citizens before the break in the count, must be “addressed quickly and completely”, to ensure transparency in the electoral process and results.

Civic committees intend to start national strike on Wednesday at 12 of the night, Bolivia local.