Coronavirus infections in Panama reach 25,222, deceased go up to 493

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Panama registered on Saturday 948 new coronavirus infections, the highest daily number since the first case was made public three months ago, going up to 25,222 accumulated cases nationwide, according to the epidemiological report of the Ministry of health (MINSA).

The health authority said that active cases rose to 10,370, from those 9,730 remain in home isolation and hotels, While 640 are hospitalized, including 121 are in intensive care units.

The canal nation registers a lethality of 2.0% after the deaths rose to 493, after the death of 8 more people in the past 24 hours, according to the official report.

The clinical recoveries were kept in 14,359.

Given the marked daily increase in cases, the authorities are betting on prevention and healthy lifestyles as determining factors to avoid contagion and deal with COVID-19 in Panama.

This is based on the 13% of the total accumulated cases in Panama suffer from chronic diseases, and the 95% of hypertensive patients, diabetics, among other ailments affected by COVID-19 die, according to reports from the MINSA Epidemiology Department.

Increase of cases

Panama is the Central American country with the highest number of positive cases of COVID-19, with an uptick since the reopening of the economy began gradually starting in mid-May., in fact in the last week registered more than 5 thousand cases that are concentrated in the provinces of Panamá Oeste and Panamá, which includes the capital.

Health authorities were forced to resume the total quarantine in both provinces with exits by gender, and limited to hours according to the ID number, and the passport for foreigners.

Dozens of people have been detained and fined for violating quarantine and sanitary recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health. (MINSA) to stop the outbreak, and avoid the collapse of hospital infrastructure, especially intensive care rooms.

Health Minister, Rosario Turner said on the eve that "at this moment we are at a critical level of the installed capacity of the intensive care services of the public health system".

He added that "the difference to save lives and reduce the number of deaths depends on the conduct and commitment of each person to follow the instructions ...".

In the last weeks, the authorities increased the application of diagnostic tests to reinforce the traceability of positive cases, focusing on the areas with the highest number of infections.

Panama has made 105,470 tests, representing a total of 2,465 tests for each 100 thousand inhabitants, according to MINSA

Around the world are registered 8,698,234 positive cases of COVID-19, 460,783 deaths with a fatality rate of 5.30%, Y 4,276,300 recovered people, added the Panamanian health authority.