11 August, 2022

know “WhatsApp Pay” and pay through this application

By Hector Murcia

During the recent financial report Facebook, released by Mark Zuckerberg, It announced that it is preparing a payment platform through WhatsApp. Zuckerberg himself was who said that is expected in the next six months is achieved deployed in several countries.

Without specifying what these countries will be, it is known that the application is already running in India, where he had a trial with 100 millions of people, of a good application it followed using.

It remains to determine whether Whatsapp Pay will join other payment platform that the same Zuckerberg announced late last year, Facebook Pay, or if it is independent. This question arises because when Facebook introduced Pay, one of its features is that it could be used in Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp same.

Although they have not released, moment, countries that reach the new application, the ad is already generating great expectations especially in countries where online payment applications are more common.

In India, for example, 140 millions of small businesses and use their tools payments – online shopping.