Know Academy free computer that has changed the lives of dozens of people in California

By Anayansi Rivas

Street Code Academy is a non-profit, It is providing free technology classes for all ages, since the 3 years.

It began in October 2016, with a class in East Palo Alto, in California. Then, He saw the need to help more families to connect people "traditionally disconnected" from the world of technology and creativity.

In June 2017, they moved to a new place (1195 Hamilton Court Menlo Park, California, 94025), where they became neighbors of the offices of Facebook. This company was the one that provided the facilities so that students can continue their classes.

This project has been a great help to the community, a percentage of students who received classes in Academy Street Code, They have been referred to various institutions and others are volunteers.

Every month and a half a presentation of projects is done, with the goal of finding job opportunities for students, with better benefits and professional enrichment for them.

Code Academy Street discovered young talents, and therefore it decided to provide a variety of workshops, among them: engineering design level A and B, child coding 1 Y 2, technology exhibition 1 Y 2, A game design, introduction to coded, Web-page design, coding games and virtual advertising design.

Participants can choose between two groups, the first Monday and Wednesday, and the second on Tuesdays and Thursdays, at times 6:30 p.m. a 8:30 p.m.

Another privilege enjoyed, are the tutors who help with homework after school or provide reinforcement in some subjects, starting at 4:30 p.m. For this purpose provide free meals for attendees.

Every so often, Code Academy Street invites different professionals who not only share their experiences, but also provide gifts.

In April he visited Antonio Brown, Player Oakland Raiders, with sponsors Shoe Palace. In that occasion, They regaled students Nike brand shoes.

Antonio Brown, Player Oakland Raiders, It gives autograph to one of the students.

In June they were visited by representatives from Netflix. At that time, They got to know the advantages of computer science, design codes, and at the end of the presentation they were awarded gift cards.

Street Code Academy has sponsors who provide financial resources, computers, teaching materials, highly qualified teachers and food, among other benefits.

Most teachers are graduates of Stanford University, University of California – Merced, California Institute of Technology and the University of Minnesota.