27 September, 2022

Meet Nelson Serrano, the Salvadoran who works on NASA projects

Nelson Douglas Serrano, was born in the Las Delicias neighborhood, in Santa Tecla. He lived and grew up in El Salvador until 21 years; obtained an Academic Baccalaureate in Divino Salvador, in San Salvador, and studied one year of electronics at the Central American Technological Institute in Santa Tecla.

In 1979, due to the political situation, violent, he was forced to make the difficult decision to leave his country and migrate to the United States. Trip, job search, learn a new language and all the systems of American society while facing discrimination, they were very difficult. But, with perseverance and the support of the family, friends and neighbors, opportunities were opened to achieve his "American dream".

His first job related to the aerospace industry was at the Sargeant Fletcher company., where he worked for 27 years as a structural development mechanic. In this role, he supported critical components for the refueling of aircraft of the United States Naval Air Force..

The 2007 it was the year that changed his life, when he was hired by the space company Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), NASA partner. His role at JPL is to support all engineering required to make the incredible inventions for space exploration..

It is part of a technical group dedicated to manufacturing, assembly and testing of all satellites, and the Landers and Rovers robots.

Curiosity and Perserverance are the Rovers in which he has worked directly in the manufacture and assembly of the main section called “Chassis” This section is where all the scientific instruments are located.

He is proud to contribute to these projects for the benefit of humanity, and at the same time because it is a way of representing your country, The Savior, and the working and struggling immigrants of the world.

That triumph is shared with his wife Carmen, with whom it takes 39 years married, and with his two daughters, Karen y samantha, and her granddaughters, Maia and Maeli.