11 August, 2022

You Congressmen condemn acts of Bukele to put in danger democracy in Latin America

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

US Congressmen, including Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, the Administration called Trump to go on record against militarization of the Legislative Assembly in El Salvador, registered last Sunday by order of President Najib Bukele.

“We firmly believe that bilateral relations with our neighbors in Latin America provide important stability in the region. But nevertheless, we can not ignore authoritarian tendencies and political pressure tactics. We call this Administration to report these facts”, says the statement sent Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The criticism of the action that the Salvadoran president made to put pressure on MPs to approve a lending funds intended for security, still they are taking its toll on the Government of the millennial President.

Saturday Bukele, He wrote in an article for the newspaper The Miami Herald, that his government was concerned about a possible popular uprising against the deputies and for that reason, his government called the Armed Forces, “to contain violence”.

However, although members of the cabinet of the Government of Bukele tried to downplay happened and criticism from the international community, US congressmen believe that acts clearings “political intimidation” as committed by Bukele in El Salvador, They must be condemned.